Epic nerd fail…

Image: Aanjhan Ranganathan | License

I was nearly defeated by the Comcast Dory modem / wireless router and it’s foolish settings! A month or 2 ago I posted on Facebook that my iOS devices wouldn’t stay connected when my wife’s laptop connected to the WIFI. I went about troubleshooting the problem for hours and found that they were grabbing the […]

Standing Desk – 4 months


Still standing tall! I’ve actually decided to ditch the recycling bin and stack of notebooks for a more permanent arrangement too. I’ve found that my legs are stronger and can survive an entire day without sitting (even after work). I do try to rest during lunch and after work on the nights when I’m not […]

Standing desk – week 2


So I’ve been standing for 2 weeks now and figured I would give the world an update. I have had some noticeable pros and cons already. For starters, this lifestyle change has amplified some pre-existing conditions (lower back pain and tight hamstrings. I find myself stretching much more than normal and using a massage roller […]